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We Have a Solution for Your Business

JESAM Enterprises understands business owners have a variety of needs and challenges, mostly related to where each is on the business lifecycle curve. Therefore, we customize our initiatives and solutions based upon your specific business needs. After a thorough strategic business analysis, we will discuss solutions that will help you achieve optimum performance and business value.

For qualified candidates, JESAM Enterprises may elect to provide private equity funding to establish a solid foundation and provide the capital necessary for predicable growth and recurring revenue streams as the business grows. Contact us today to get started!

Our Initiatives and Solutions

Strategic Business Assessment

The Strategic Business Assessment is the centerpiece for identifying those areas requiring corrective action(s) to enhance growth and profitability. A “gap analysis” is performed in key areas of the business, then solutions are proposed to close the gaps going forward to optimize performance and achieve business goals.


This analysis requires the following information:

  • Demographic profile and brief company history

  • Current data on revenue, product and service offerings, customer mix, key vendors, 3rd party interfaces, and primary competitors impacting the business

  • Prior 2 years’ P/(L)s and Balance Sheets

  • Current year cash flow forward projection

  • Identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) used to measure and steward business performance versus objectives

  • Current short-term and longer-term leverage

Business Valuation

Derived from data gathered from the Strategic Business Assessment, JESAM Enterprises can provide owners and/or management teams with a “current case” business valuation. We consider data, such as annual revenue, EBITDA margin, revenue margins, and industry segment multiples, minus leverage, as the fundamental factors in determining the value of a business in today’s marketplace. Improving business value is a key driver for owners who may be contemplating an exit strategy as an overall part of their business plan.

Company Cultural Survey

The purpose of this important survey is to measure and determine both the strengths and areas for improvement in your company’s culture, attitudes and diversity. We will take an in-depth look at differences between how employees and owners view the culture and the environment of the workplace and how they interact on a regular basis. Has working remotely had any impact on your business??  Let’s find out!

Strategic & Financial Planning

The foundation for creating solid and actionable business growth and enhancing value is by having JESAM Enterprises help you develop a 5 year business plan that confirms the strategic path for the business, the funding required to grow profitably, and by setting goals and objectives that are true to the company’s vision, mission and value propositions.

Organizational Analysis​

Creating an effective organization is both an art and a science. More than just getting the right people in the right jobs, the “best-in-class” organizations have  smooth and well defined business processes that function at a very high level. Organizations that lack alignment and are dis-functional, lack teamwork, find that even the best people find it difficult to succeed and fulfill both the company mission and their own expectations for becoming successful. In the best organization, clear expectations, upward mobility, and equitable compensation are all important components of the success factor. Let us help you analyze where you are, and how you could improve the HR landscape to become the best of breed! 

Leadership Development

JESAM Enterprises offers an amazing program focused on comprehensive Leadership Development, identifying the differences between managing assets and leading the organization to achieving its mission and goals. If you are a company generating $5 million or more in annual revenue…have a strong focus and commitment to your employees, considers talent management and employee development an extremely high priority, we can help you put all the pieces into place. Contact us today to learn more about what the most successful small and mid-sized businesses are doing to drive employee performance and build a sustainable workplace culture and environment.

Sale & Exit Strategy

A recent poll conducted by the Gartner Group found that approximately 30% of current and active business owners are in the process of developing a sale and exit strategy. These strategies and ensuing decisions often include an outright sale, exit and retirement, or in seeking either a merger or an acquisition by a larger competitor, typically within that or a similar business segment. This analysis can begin with our Strategic Business Assessment and Business Valuation initiatives, providing you with a baseline of value from which to begin the process of transition. Let us help by beginning a candid discussion of where you are in your business lifecycle, and in exploring together a pathway going forward.

strategic business assessment
Cultural Survey
Financial Planning
Organizatina Analysis
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Sal & Exit Strategy
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