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Emerging Growth Stage

Businesses in this stage are facing the typical “points of inflection” associated with growth: increased competition, new product development and enhancements, and a more complex culture and set of HR issues to address and resolve. It is typically in this stage where owners (or perhaps now a management team), often develop a new set of strategic adjustments to move forward.


JESAM Enterprises can offer some meaningful initiatives to help you better navigate growth challenges, and may even elect to provide private equity funding for qualified candidates. Let's start working on your future!

We Have a Solution for Your Business

JESAM Enterprises understands business owners have a variety of needs and challenges, mostly related to where each is on the business lifecycle curve. Therefore, we customize our initiatives and solutions based upon your specific business needs. After a thorough strategic business analysis, we will discuss solutions that will help you achieve optimum performance and business value.

For qualified candidates, JESAM Enterprises may elect to provide private equity funding to establish a solid foundation and provide the capital necessary for predicable growth and recurring revenue streams as the business grows. Contact us today to get started!

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