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Harvesting or "Cash Cow" Stage

At some stage of emerging growth, a reasonable percentage of small and mid-sized business owners enter what is known as “the harvesting stage”…enjoying the fruits of many years of hard work and commitment to being successful. There is plenty of cash, asset value and equity for the owner to pursue a “lifestyle” business. However, this stage is not indefinite.


Unless the owner decides to once again “re-engineer” the business model, and commit to further growth and re-investment of assets, the business begins a slow downward cycle known as "The Period of Decline Stage." It is at this point, when many wise owners begin to plan an exit strategy. It is time for a final strategic audit and business valuation to get a baseline on what the business is currently worth, and what the best “end game” might look like at the time of exit.


The old adage is true: “Your business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it!” Let's start working on your exit strategy!

We Have a Solution for Your Business

JESAM Enterprises understands business owners have a variety of needs and challenges, mostly related to where each is on the business lifecycle curve. Therefore, we customize our initiatives and solutions based upon your specific business needs. After a thorough strategic business analysis, we will discuss solutions that will help you achieve optimum performance and business value.

For qualified candidates, JESAM Enterprises may elect to provide private equity funding to establish a solid foundation and provide the capital necessary for predicable growth and recurring revenue streams as the business grows. Contact us today to get started!

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